About Hel's Kitchen

Hel's Kitchen was established in 2017, originally as a baking blog. With a passion for food (eating and making) I shared my recipes and some rather questionable poorly staged photographs with a small number of followers. When I moved jobs, I was constantly asked to provide the birthday treats and things started to move from there. One failed Peppa Pig cake later and I'd registered with the local authority and brought out the big guns by way of a Kitchen Aid stand mixer (which is still to this day my pride and joy). 

I launched my Postal Brownie service a couple of years ago and took to the local markets, mainly Bewdley Riverside Market, where I gained new customers and online followers. Hel's Kitchen started to flourish and I've had the privilege of being a little part of so many wonderful events, weddings, birthdays and celebrations - across the country. 

April 2020 - 'Lockdown', a term that will probably haunt us for some time. It's been a strange time, but it's also given me the time I needed to take Hel's Kitchen that little bit further. With a logo rebrand, change of packaging relaunching my e-commerce website and ramping up production - lockdown hasn't been all that terrible. 

Next year is already looking bright, with plenty of wedding and birthday orders on the books - it's wonderful (and a tiny bit scary) to be trusted with such life events!

I pride myself on giving every customer a personal service, whilst you may get an out of office message from me when I'm a little busy, it's always me that's answering your messages and (for now...) will always just be me making your orders. 

Thank you to each and every one of you for supporting my little dream, Helena x